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Ladder 14

1992 E-One 75 foot aerial pumper/ladder truck

It is equipped with:

  • A 75 foot aerial ladder that has a built-in waterway that extends with the ladder.

  • A 1750 GPM HALE pump

  • A 350 gallon water tank

  • A 5,000 KW Honda generator

  • Various ground ladders

  • Saws, ventilation fans and various other tools.



Ken Appollo served the MFVC his entire adult life.  He died about the time this truck was acquired.


Brush 13

Engine 11

2001 E-One pumper with a foam system

Engine 11 is the primary attack truck of the Millington Fire Company.

It is equipped with:

  • A Pneumax Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)

  • A 1250 GPM Waterous pump

  • A 1000 gallon water tank

  • Supplies used to control HazMat spills.

  • A 6 man Spartan air conditioned cab.  The cab is used to provide a climate controlled rest area for firefighters who need relief from heat exhaustion, etc. at the scene of a fire.

Support 12

2002 ford F-550 super duty

Support 12 is the utility and rescue truck of the Millington Volunteer Fire Company.  This Ford F-550 Super Duty truck was purchased by the Company with its own funds, thanks to the generous donations of the town's residents. 

This style was selected for its off-road capabilities, including 4 wheel drive and a high suspension. The cab seats five firefighters. The rear of the truck is an open bed available for many miscellaneous functions. The pickup is meant to haul either our Hazmat Trailer to calls involving hazardous materials or our rescue boat to calls requiring water rescue.

A 2007 Ford F-550 
Brush 13 is our newest truck and is used in heavily wooded areas that most apparatus aren't able get to.

This truck is equipped with:

  • A Roll Cage

  • The ability to pump while driving

  • A deck gun controlled from inside the cab

  • A winch that is strong enough to lift the truck off the ground (water and all.)

  • 450 Gallon tank

  • Various tools for fighting brush fires

  • A simple foam system

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