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Only $14 A Bag!

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Red Truck Roast Coffee

Locally roasted in Long Hill, NJ for the Long Hill  Volunteer Fire Department


  • 12.0oz bag of coffee

  • Beans or Ground

  • Only $14.00 a bag

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The Long Hill Fire Department searched long and hard for a coffee that truly embodies the Department's character and values.  After an exhaustive search it found that this illusive coffee ideal had, all the while, actually been right on its doorstep.  World of Coffee, headquartered in Stirling and a nationally recognized artisanal coffee roastery and purveyor of specialist caffeine-based beverages, worked with the Department to bring the Red Truck Roast to life.  


Just like the Long Hill Fire Department's long history of faithful service, the Red Truck Roast can be trusted to deliver unparalleled  flavor and powerful aroma at any time you choose to partake, morning, noon, or night.  Its unassuming rich, balanced taste belies the hard work and experience of the professionals at World of Coffee who, like the firefighters of Long Hill, dedicate their hearts and souls to being the very best practitioners of their age old craft. The coffee's vibrant yet reliable character is a nod to the more than century of tradition forged by the steadfast Long Hill volunteers who have sacrificed time with friends and families to answer the siren's plaintive call.


We are now proud to offer Red Truck Roast for the enjoyment of all Long Hill residents.  A 12 ounce bag of Red Truck Roast is available for a mere $14 and promises days or weeks of rapturous indulgence depending on your coffee consumption habits.  Americano, espresso, latte, cappuccino, mocha, or cafe-au-lait, each delicious sip is made all the more rewarding as it reminds you that your intense enjoyment of this blissful brew is actually helping the courageous firefighters of the Township - all proceeds from this firefighter-run fundraiser benefit the Long Hill Township Fire Department.  

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