Millington Fire House is located at 1891 Long Hill Rd, Millington, NJ 07946

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Millington Vol. Fire Co. wants you to volunteer. Since 1913 M.F.C. has been run and maintained by the dedicated volunteers of Long Hill Township. Being a Volunteer Fire Department, we are always in need of new members. Please consider joining, it only takes a few ours of volunteering a week and anyone ages 15 or older can help. From running into a burning building, to just driving the firetruck there are many ways to help.


Please consider joining! We'd love to add you to the family!

See how you can contact us to Send Santa with gifts to your house this Christmas season


12oz bag of either beans or ground firefighter coffee. Only $14!


Help serve your community and join Millington Fire Department.

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Stirling Fire, Millington Fire, and numerous neighboring towns' fire departments arrived one late July evening to help put out a fire in Stirling home. While Stirling carried out an interior fire attack, Millington Fire started an exterior attack followed by roof ventilation. Long Hill First Aid was there to setup rehab for the firefighters exiting the building and provided oxygen to two cats who were rescued from the home. Overall, all fire companies involved, worked well together and were able to get a good knock down on the fire.